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Tools for Information Utilisation

Whichever methods and strategies are utilised for the implementation of information - the interlocking tools can be used across the board. The purpose determines which tool-oriented service module is to be deployed.

Rendering information and documents available and retaining them, timely, in the desired quality and for the desired addressee:

» Document Management
» Information Control
» Archiving
» Information Security Management

Content-related preparation and assessment of technical and organisational content - from documentation approval to instructions:

» Technical Compilation
» CE Coordination

Assignment of documents and information on projects, systems and other relevant information - for effective management:

» Application and Integration of Codes such as RDS acc. IEC 81346, ISO/TS 16952
» Metadata Conception and Management
» Document and Data Migration
» SharePoint Integration
» Processes Depiction in IT Landscapes

Methods in Project Management

Systematic information management - from day one - is the basis of a smooth project execution. Equipped with our method-oriented service modules we can guarantee exactly that. Each of these methods interlock and can be effectively combined.

The power plant requirements will worked out through selective demand management and continuously compared with the applicable laws and standards. Changes and variations may be systematically pursued and documented. In this we coordinate the flow of information between all project participants through all project phases.

Securing steady information acquisition and pursuing strategic goals

» Requirements Management
» Change Management
» Bid Management
» Contract Management
» Claims Management

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